Working Groups

Collaborate to make progress on important issues in animal welfare

TAWC Crisis Awareness Network

The COVID-19 Animal Welfare Response Reference Group (COVAWRRG) was established in March 2020 and involved more than 34 organisations. The purpose of the group was for stakeholders from government, industry, and the community to share critical sector updates on emerging COVID-19-related challenges to animal welfare, and to coordinate responses. The COVAWRRG met weekly during the early stages of the pandemic, and later fortnightly, and TAWC chaired the meetings.

TAWC-UQ PAW Adoption Working Group

This working group, which is made possible by the partnership between TAWC and The University of Queensland Partnership for Animal Wellbeing (UQ PAW), is still in its infancy. The goal is to assemble a team of experts to carry out applied research in psychology and decision science and develop practical tools to address the major challenge of facilitating industry and community adoption of evidence-based best practices in animal welfare. To express interest, please contact the UQ PAW Director, Dr Jill Fernandes.