TAWC Talks Series

In 2022, The Animal Welfare Collaborative (TAWC) hosted TAWC Talks; a series of talks on the welfare of animals presented by industry partners, academics and experts in the field.

TAWC welcomes everyone with an interest in the continuous improvement to the wellbeing of animals to check out TAWC Talks, which highlight challenges and discuss opportunities in the field of animal welfare.

TAWC Talks are freely available on the TAWC YouTube Channel and TAWC website.

Stress in Farm Animals, Examples from Cattle

Animal welfare and ethics principles for managing animal welfare and ethics conundrums

How to create change NOW: Unlocking the power of law to make positive animal welfare the legally required standard of practice

humane research australia (HRA) presents The code: limitations and the need for review

TAWC Talks: Assessing animal welfare through facial expression

TAWC Talks - Australian Alliance for Animals

TAWC Talks - Global year for translating pain: knowledge to practice by Prof. Mark Hutchinson

TAWC Talks: Behavioural and nutritional impacts of nesting for sows on piglets

A positive human contact

TAWC Talks: A positive human contact: a form of environmental enrichment for farm animals?

TAWC Talks: The concept of stress in relation to welfare

TAWC Talks: Farm animal welfare certification

TAWC Talks: Marine animals and their welfare - talks by Prof. Culum Brown, Dr Brittany Jones

The human-animal relationship

TAWC Talks: The human-animal relationship