Meet Our Team

TAWC Advisory Panel

The TAWC Advisory Panel (TAP) was established to provide the TAWC Executive Committee with expert advice and guidance on TAWC’s activities, such that these activities align with the 5-year objectives in the Strategic Plan and result in tangible progress towards TAWC’s vision of continuous improvement in the welfare of animals as the result of collective action. The TAP is an advisory body only, and although the TAP’s advice is often considered in decisions made by the TAWC Executive Committee, the TAP itself has no decision-making authority.
TAP Members are selected for their individual expertise, and they may choose to serve in a personal capacity or as representatives of the organisations for which they work. Views expressed by TAP Members are not to be considered the official view or policy position of any other organisation.

Justin Toohey

TAP Chair
TAP Member serving in a personal capacity

Justin has over 30 years’ experience in policy development, implementation, and advocacy for the Australian cattle and sheepmeat sectors. He has been the CEO of Cattle Council of Australia and Red Meat Advisory Council and is the current Chair of Animal Health Australia’s Industry Forum and The Animal Welfare Collaborative Advisory Panel. Justin has been a director of his own company since 2002 and, in this capacity, has been engaged as an independent consultant on a broad range of policy issues and as an advisor to peak national livestock bodies on matters of animal health, welfare, biosecurity and industry systems.


Jax Baptista

TAP Member serving in a personal capacity

Jacqueline (Jax) Baptista is an independent consultant with a focus on food nutrition, environmental sustainability, and animal welfare issues. With a wide-ranging appreciation of issues associated with animal welfare in Australia, she believes that to maintain the ongoing prosperity for animal-related industries, we need to ensure ‘best practice’ meets (or exceeds) community expectations. Jax has over 15 years of experience in communications roles acting as an advocate within the agricultural sector, including at AMIC (Australian Meat Industry Council), AECL (Australian Egg Corporation Ltd), the Australian Year of the Farmer, and most recently Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA), giving her insights into community concerns surrounding animal welfare during production and throughout the supply chain.


Nick de Graaff

TAP Member serving as a representative of Zoo and Aquarium Association (ZAA)

Nicolas (Nick) de Graaff is currently the Accreditation Manager for the Zoo and Aquarium Association Australasia (ZAA), which has a core focus on the assessment and promotion of Positive Animal Welfare. Nick brings experience in the fields of animal care and management, enclosure planning, and welfare compliance and enjoys the challenge of connecting contemporary knowledge with industry practice. Nick has a deep interest in gibbons and leaf monkeys in the South East Asian region. 

Glenys Oogjes

Glenys Oogjes

TAP Member serving in a personal capacity

Glenys Oogjes grew up on a northern Victorian dairy farm before leaving for university and forgetting to return. She is an experienced animal advocate, having contributed to numerous national reviews of Codes of Practice/Standards and animal welfare laws in each State and Territory, was one of the instigators of the (former) Australian Animal Welfare Strategy, and sat on the former NCCAW and AusAWAC. She sits on several government and other animal welfare advisory committees in Australia and also contributes through membership of international animal welfare coalitions. Glenys is the long-standing CEO of Animals Australia, a prominent animal advocacy NGO that conducts investigations, community awareness, and lobbying campaigns to press for a better life for all animals; towards a kinder world.


Christine Purdy

TAP Member serving in a personal capacity

Christine is a veterinarian and sustainable agriculture consultant. Specialising in the area of extension and adoption of best practice sustainable agriculture, including but not limited to improved environmental and animal welfare performance. Trained in animal sciences and environmental management (resource economics) with many years of business and project management experience. 


Tamsyn Crowley

TAP Member serving as a representative of Poultry Hub Australia

Tamsyn is a passionate scientist who relishes the opportunity to bridge the gap between science and industry. In her current role as Director of Poultry Hub Australia, Tamsyn has the opportunity to liaise with scientists, industry, farmers, the general public, and educational institutes to further their knowledge and appreciation of all things poultry. Associate Professor Crowley is trained in molecular biology and bioinformatics and still holds an active research position at Deakin University, enabling her to keep up to date with emerging research and technology. 


Jeremy Skuse

TAP Member serving in a personal capacity

Jeremy has significant professional livestock experience in the pork industry derived from operating in senior management and extension roles in Australia as well as in Indonesia and the United States. He has wide experience in intensive animal industries, with particular emphasis on the introduction of new technology and management systems designed to support Quality Assurance programs. Jeremy is particularly interested in the practical assessment of animal welfare, welfare assurance, and training programs which optimise animal welfare.


Melina Tensen

TAP Member serving in a personal capacity

Melina Tensen is the Senior Scientific Officer (Farm Animals) at RSPCA Australia where she is responsible for providing science-based information, advice, and comment on farm animal welfare issues at government, industry, and consumer level. Melina represents RSPCA Australia on a range of farm animal welfare committees and working groups. Melina is also responsible for developing animal welfare standards that underpin the RSPCA’s Approved Farming Scheme. Prior to joining the RSPCA team, Melina worked at the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research in Canberra and the International Service for National Agricultural Research in The Hague – both agricultural aid organisations. Melina has a degree in agriculture (specialising in animal production) as well as a graduate certificate in animal welfare.


Kelly Wall

TAP Member serving as a representative of Animal Health Australia

As the welfare manager at Animal Health Australia, Kelly aims to strengthen biosecurity, welfare, health, traceability, and food safety. Kelly works on the creation of nationally consistent policy and legislation and to raise awareness, create tools, and drive adoption of sound biosecurity and welfare practices using science-based evidence.