TAWC Talks: Marine animals and their welfare

Prof. Culum Brown,
Macquarie University

Fish cognition: Implication for welfare

Professor Culum Brown is the leader of The Fish Lab at Macquarie University, and he has made a significant contribution to the study of behavioural ecology of fishes over his research career. His research niche lies in the study of fish behaviour and its application to fisheries science, with his most significant contribution being enhancing our understanding of fish cognition and behaviour. Culum is a well-known champion of fish intelligence, having done research on a wide variety of model organisms, including salmoniids, sticklebacks, rainbowfish, guppies, and sharks. Much of his PhD research at the University of Queensland (2000) and post docs at Cambridge University focused on predator recognition and the social behaviour of fishes with a particular emphasis on social learning. Culum has applied his knowledge of fish cognition to enhancing the post-release survival of hatchery-reared fish (life-skills training), and life-skills training is now common practice in hatcheries world-wide.
Dr. Brittany Jones,
National Marine Mammal Foundation Scientist

Acoustic monitoring for marine mammal health and welfare

Dr. Brittany Jones is a scientist at the National Marine Mammal Foundation. She received her PhD from the University of St Andrews, United Kingdom. Her doctoral work focused on communication between bottlenose dolphins and the similarities to human conversation. She is currently working on a project called Sound & Health here at the National Marine Mammal Foundation. The project is currently using acoustic recordings to monitor the health and welfare of focal groups of dolphins. The next goal of the project is to better understand if dolphins encode details about their health status across their whistle emissions. This would allow for passive acoustic monitoring systems to early identify illnesses in both the Navy dolphin population and wild dolphins.
TAWC Talks: Fish cognition: Implication for welfare


TAWC Talks: Acoustic monitoring for marine mammal health and welfare​