There are many ways for you to get involved in The Animal Welfare Collaborative:

Join our network

Join TAWC’s network for free, and by doing so, you can stay current with TAWC’s activities, receive regular updates about animal welfare around the world, participate in animal welfare events, and contribute ideas to the network. If you have already subscribed to TAWC’s communications, please consider yourself a part of the network.

Attend an event or tell us about your event ​

Meet other people in TAWC’s network and build collaboration by attending events in animal welfare. Every two years, TAWC hosts Animal Welfare Horizons, an international, forward-thinking conference in animal welfare. Between conferences, TAWC holds regional events, seminars, and workshops. TAWC also announces events in animal welfare hosted by other organisations

Join or propose a Collaborative Project

Collaborate with others across TAWC’s network to turn your ideas about improving animal welfare into action. If you are passionate about addressing a critical topic in animal welfare, TAWC can support you by bringing together interested people and organisations to address this topic in a Collaborative Project.

Join a working group

Participate in a working group to make progress on important issues in animal welfare. By joining a working group, you can be a force for positive change in the area of animal welfare about which you are most passionate, engage in constructive dialogue, share your expertise, meet like-minded people, and ultimately ensure that animal welfare is continuously improving. Apply to join any of the working groups that TAWC currently facilitates, or propose to assemble a new working group.

Share your challenges, opportunities, and initiatives with us​​

Come to TAWC for support in improving the practices that affect the welfare of the animals under your care. Our network is equipped with the knowledge and connections to assist you in addressing your challenges and finding opportunities in animal welfare. If you would like to discuss your circumstances or plans with TAWC in a supportive and confidential environment, please set up a meeting with one of TAWC’s Knowledge Brokers.

Partner with us

Commit to an active partnership with TAWC around specific activities that improve animal welfare. TAWC welcomes Strategic Alliances with organisations and strategies through Memoranda of Understanding or Collaborative Agreements. These agreements state the nature of the joint activities and the commitments of each party.

Offer your support

Support TAWC in any way that you want:

      • Share your resources – Do you have a space where TAWC could hold a meeting or event? Do you have a surplus of animal feed? Do you sew? Do you cook? Do you make animal toys? TAWC can find a good use for your support across our network.
      • Give your time – TAWC only has a handful of employees, so we rely on people across our network to assist with events, spread the word, and help with the day-to-day activities of TAWC.

      • Donate – TAWC relies heavily on philanthropic support to ensure the ongoing facilitation of the network. If you are interested in supporting TAWC financially, please get in touch with UQ Philanthropy or donate below (Select ‘Other‘, and type ‘The Animal Welfare Collaborative‘).

Spread the word

Tell your friends, family, and colleagues about TAWC, invite them to participate in improving animal welfare, and share your experiences of collaborating in TAWC’s network through word of mouth and social media.