Frequently Asked Questions

TAWC is a society-driven network for improving animal welfare. Because TAWC is a network and not a company, we receive many questions about how TAWC works. Please find some of our most frequently asked questions below. If your question is not answered here, please use the form at the bottom of the page to ask your question. Thank you!

What does TAWC stand for?

TAWC stands for The Animal Welfare Collaborative.

What is TAWC?

TAWC is a broad network of individuals, companies, and organisations working together to improve animal welfare. The network is facilitated by key Australian universities.

What does TAWC do?

TAWC facilitates positive change in the welfare of animals by providing the following:

  • A safe forum for diverse groups to engage constructively around ways to improve animal welfare
  • A supportive network for those with animals under their care to learn from others and grow in their capacity to ensure the welfare of the animals
  • A clear process for those with animals under their care to make tangible and ongoing improvements in animal welfare
  • A swift vehicle for different sectors to exchange critical information on animal welfare and coordinate action
  • An inclusive mechanism for society to participate in existing initiatives in animal welfare, identify gaps, and propose strategies to make further improvements to animal welfare

What does TAWC not do?

  • Serve as political platform on the subject of animal welfare, promoting one viewpoint over another
  • Endorse or accept endorsement from other organisations
  • Duplicate existing activities and mechanisms for improving animal welfare

What does TAWC hope to achieve?

TAWC’s vision is to achieve continuous improvement in the welfare of animals as a result of collective action.

Which animals does TAWC cover?

TAWC covers all animals under the care of our society, including livestock and production animals; animals used for research and teaching; animals used for work, recreation, sport, entertainment, and display; pets and companion animals; and wild animals.

Who can be involved with TAWC?

Anyone who cares about animals and agrees to abide by TAWC’s Philosophy can work with TAWC. For example, TAWC welcomes members of the public, community groups, industry bodies, animal protection organisations, companies, academic institutions, and government agencies to participate in the network.

How do I become involved with TAWC?

Subscribe to our mailing list via TAWC’s website, follow TAWC on social media, meet with one of our university-based facilitators to join discussions on animal welfare, and consider participating in TAWC events and projects.

How is TAWC globally unique?

There are several structures that enable collaboration between industry sectors and between research institutions and industry, but TAWC is unique in that it is inclusive of all animal sectors and all parts of society, including members of the public.

How is TAWC different from existing structures for collaboration in animal welfare?

TAWC is facilitated by key Australian universities that take an evidence-based approach to animal welfare. TAWC is inclusive of everyone but is independent of the political views and interests of the collaborators in our network.

Is TAWC a continuation of the Australian Animal Welfare Strategy (AAWS)?

Since the end of the Australian Animal Welfare Strategy (AAWS) in 2014, there has not been an overarching mechanism for national coordination, collaboration, and engagement on animal welfare for all animals. TAWC operates in a similar spirit to the AAWS but is facilitated by academics across multiple Australian universities rather than by the Federal Government. TAWC facilitates information exchange and national conversations about animal welfare and provides a mechanism for various groups to drive on-the-ground practice change.

How is TAWC funded?

TAWC is currently funded by The University of Queensland, with support from The University of Newcastle, The University of Western Australia, and The University of Adelaide. To ensure its future sustainability, TAWC will be funded through a combination of university support, philanthropic support, event sponsorship, and project funding.

What is TAWC’s position on animal use?

TAWC does not have a position on whether animals should or should not be used. TAWC welcomes all people who care about animals to join us in improving their welfare.

How can we trust that TAWC is not unduly influenced by any particular interest group?

TAWC is inclusive of everyone but is independent of the political views and interests of the collaborators in our network.  TAWC is not a decision-making body. TAWC facilitates collaboration and information exchange across multiple stakeholder groups. TAWC strives to ensure that all stakeholder groups in our network have an equal opportunity to express their views and priorities.

As a small business, we don’t have a research budget – how can we get involved in animal welfare research?

TAWC facilitates collaborative relationships and exchange of support among various companies, organisations, and individuals. Whether your business is interested in a research question or specific changes in practice, TAWC will assist you in finding partners.