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News 22 July - 4 August 2021

  • SEEKING APPLICANTS: The Daylight Project Council (TAWC, Apply HERE)
  • Understanding consumers attitudes to animal welfare (AHDB O/S)
  • Battery cages, duck shooting, whips – RSPCA Vic calls time on big animal welfare issues (Mirage News)
  • Tyson Foods integrates the five domains of animal welfare across its global operations (The Cattle Site O/S)
  • Planet-Score: New eco-label factors in pesticides, biodiversity and animal welfare (Food Navigator O/S)
  • ASPCA: Are they really helping or hurting animals? (AgDaily O/S)
  • New Red Tractor standards equip British Farms for the future (Red Tractor O/S)
  • CP Foods unveils new humane farming model for swine and poultry  (The Pig Site O/S)
  • Bank Australia rejects RMAC, AgForce concerns about misconduct (Farm Weekly)
  • Bank Australia’s ethics tested (Banking Day)
Cattle in beef & dairy production
  • Lotfeeder Stockyard secures Australian agriculture’s first sustainability-linked loan (Beef Central)
  • New bank loan to beef business linked to meeting targets on emissions and animal welfare (ABC)
Pigs in pork production
  • Converting to free farrowing systems could cost the industry £200 million (Pig Progress O/S)
  • Biomarkers Offer Potential as Animal Welfare Indicators (Farmscape O/S)
  • Saving the bacon: will British pig farmers ​survive a ban on cages? (The Guardian O/S)
  • US pig industry watches California’s Prop 12 rule (Pig Progress O/S)
Poultry in meat & egg production
  • French egg industry backs chick culling ban, calls for EU-wide extension (Euractiv O/S)
  • Study: effects of different types of fiber-rich feed on welfare in broiler breeder pullets (The Poultry Site O/S)
  • Chickens died of thirst and dead birds left to rot at suppliers to Tesco, Sainsbury, Lidl and KFC (The Independent O/S)
  • 100% cage-free eggs in US Krispy Kreme donuts by 2022 (Watt Poultry O/S)
  • SE Asian hospitality sector moves toward cage-free eggs (Poultry World O/S)
  • Cage-free eggs: US food companies under pressure (Poultry World O/S)
  • Broiler welfare improvements need to be shared with consumers (Watt Poultry O/S)
  • French Lab-Grown Meat Startup Makes Foie Gras More Appealing Than Ever (Forbes O/S)
  • KFC drops a C-bomb and finally talks about chicken welfare (The Drum O/S)
Sheep in meat & wool production
  • Funding boost for flystrike vaccine research (Sheep Central)
  • Could 'sky shepherd' drones be better at mustering sheep than working dogs? (ABC)
  • Sheep not shorn for a year - long bans for animal cruelty cases (QLD Country Life)
Animals in transit & at slaughter
  • DAWE investigating new reports of alleged ESCAS non-complaince in UAE (Sheep Central)
  • Abattoir in Jordan suspended from receiving Australian sheep after animal welfare breach (ABC)
  • RSPCA Australia calls for sheep exporter’s suspension (Sheep Central)
  • ESCAS complaint filed over sheep treatment in Jordan facility (Sheep Central)
  • Live exporter slams banks for hypocrisy over lending practices (ABC)
  • Horse racing: Inside the abattoir slaughtering racehorses (BBC O/S)
Animals in aquaculture
  • RSPCA clears Mowi Scotland after activist’s welfare abuse claim (Fishfarming Expert O/S)
  • Mowi Scotland responds to fresh animal welfare complaints (SeaFoodSource O/S)
  • Investigation launched into footage of lice infested salmon (The Ferret O/S)
  • ‘There are many myths surrounding fish farming’: How aquaculture is leveraging tech for an economically and environmentally bright future (Food Navigator O/S)
Animals in research & teaching
  • The failure of animal testing (Ecologist O/S)
  • Major US chinchilla supplier heads to court with more than 100 animal welfare violations (National Geographic O/S)
  • Science Organisations Pledge Openness In Animal Research And Teaching In New Zealand (Scoop O/S)
  • Attitudes towards experimenting on monkeys are diverging (The Economist O/S)
Animals in racing & sport
  • Standards for the care and treatment of rodeo livestock NCCAW Position Statement (Pro Rodeo Australia)
  • #FutureHorse survey to identify what works for welfare in horse industries (Vet Practice)
  • HRI to conduct probe into racehorse slaughter claims (RTE O/S)
  • Horse-racing bosses condemn abattoir practices (BBC O/S)
Animals in zoos, aquaria & the wild
  • Injured sharks and turtle trouble at Napier's National Aquarium (RNZ O/S)
  • How an app helped Lincoln Park Zoo measure how animals reacted during Covid closures (ChicagoInno O/S)
  • Humane Australian breakthrough in feral pig control with poison bait, Hoggone (ABC)
Pets & companion animals
  • Risks in using side reins on horses identified in study (Horsetalk NZ O/S)
  • Animal Welfare Board issues advisory to states and UTs to ban caging of aerial birds (India Today O/S)
Podcasts & presentations
  • CV4Animals: Computer Vision for Animal Behavior Tracking and Modeling – Presentations (CV4Animals O/S)
  • EU implements first animal welfare-based condition in trade agreement (Euractiv O/S)
  • Taxes that are returned to livestock farmers may hold the key to sustainable agriculture (The Pig Site O/S)
  • EU: Ending the ‘Cage Age’, further studies are needed (Pig333 O/S)
  • Supreme Court denies meat industry petition seeking review of California's Prop 12 (AgWeek O/S)
  • Another Life: How far does pain extend in the living world? (Irish Times O/S)
  • Eurogroup for Animals Magazine (Eurogroup O/S)
  • Students evaluate animal care with a keen eye (Hoard’s Dairyman O/S)
  • Jane Goodall reveals what studying chimpanzees teaches us about human nature (Vox O/S)
  • Man v food: is lab-grown meat really going to solve our nasty agriculture problem? (Guardian O/S)
  • This documentary wants to convince you to be a vegan … some of the time (Fast Company O/S)
  • Two men charged with animal cruelty after allegedly punching police horses during Sydney anti-lockdown protests (9 News)
  • International Society for Applied Ethology, papers by members – Pigs, Beef/Dairy Cattle, Dogs (ISAE)
  • Recent advances in animal welfare science VIII 2021 Conference Scientific Program & abstracts (UFAW)
  • Recent advances in animal welfare science VIII 2021 Conference Recordings (UFAW)
  • Recent advances in animal welfare science VIII 2021 Conference Poster Abstracts (UFAW)
  • Bremhorst, A., Mills, D.S., Würbel, H. et al. Evaluating the accuracy of facial expressions as emotion indicators across contexts in dogs. Anim Cogn (2021). https://doi.org/10.1007/s10071-021-01532-1
  • V. H. B. Ferreira, V. Guesdon & L. Calandreau (2021) How can the research on chicken cognition improve chicken welfare: a perspective review, World's Poultry Science Journal, https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/00439339.2021.1924920

Conferences, Seminars & Events

  • DIARY HOLD – Animal Welfare Horizons 2021, Brisbane, 29th November. Express interest on TAWC Webpage
  • DIARY HOLD – The National Primary Industries Animal Welfare Strategy 11th Annual Forum, Brisbane. 30th November  – Further details to be announced. Express interest on NAWRDES Webpage
  • 54th Congress of the International Society for Applied Ethology (on-line). 2 – 6 August. (ISAE 2021)
  • National Livestock Wellbeing Seminar series. 10 August (The Univ Adelaide – Proposed bid for the ARC Centre of Excellence for Animal Pain Solutions (CAPS).
  • Dean’s Seminar, “Effects of human interactions on domesticated animals: positive or negative effects?” Professor Paul Hemsworth. 17 August, 12.00pm (The Univ Melbourne – Register)
  • 8th International Conference on The Assessment of Animal Welfare at Farm and Group Level. 16-19 August – Virtual Conference. (WAFL)
  • 11th World Virtual Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences 22-27 August. (WC11)
  • 2021 Animal Welfare Foundation Discussion Forum (Virtual). 15 September. (AWF)
  • One Welfare World Conference – Virtual. 15-16 Sept 2021. (OneWelfareWorld)
  • 76th WAZA Annual Conference, virtual, 11-14 October. Details TBA
  • 12th International Working Dog Conference, Oct. 12-14 (IWDC 2021)
  • LIVEXchange, Nov 10 – 11. Darwin. (LIVEXchange)
  • Australasian Pig Science Association Conference. Brisbane, 15 – 18 November. (APSA)
  • 2nd Australian Biosecurity Symposium, Gold Coast, 1-3 December. Details.
  • European Assn of Zoos and Aquaria first Animal Welfare Forum. 21 – 24 March 2022,The Netherlands. (EAZA)
  • Australian Association of Animal Sciences Conference. 5 – 7 July 2022. (AAAS2022)
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