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News 17-31 October 2020

  • Aussie Farms renames as Farm Transparency Project (Farmonline)
  • Plausible Future for Dairy 1 “Massive changes to subsidy regs, stricter AW policies struggling factory farms” (Lund Uni O/S)
  • Plausible Future for Dairy 2 “Lab-grown dairy reaches mass scalability” (Lund Uni O/S)
  • Alleged animal abuse in US dairy sector under investigation (Guardian O/S)
  • Pork’s future relies on trust throughout the pork value chain (Pork Site O/S)
Red Meat
  • The Collateral Benefits of Cattle Welfare during Handling and Transport – Realising the potential of animal welfare for the Australian beef industry. Alistair Corr, 2019 Nuffield Scholar. 
  • The Beef Framework is owned by Australia’s beef industry, and has developed a survey to understand which sustainability topics matter most. You can take the survey here. 
  • Ceres Tag adds CSIRO cattle behaviour and pasture feed intake monitoring capabilities (Mirage)
Transport & abattoir
  • What’s the minimum light level needed in salmon RAS? (The Fish Site O/S)
  • DPIPWE gave salmon farm giant Tassal green light to trap seals (ABC)
  • Fish welfare must take higher priority, Salmon Group says (Seafood Source O/S)


Racing & sports
  • Life After Racing: Bright future for former jumps horses (ABC Landline)
  • New industry report finds high rehoming rate for ex-jumps horses, despite claims of animal cruelty (ABC)
  • NSW government accused of undermining greyhound racing regulator (Guardian)
Zoos, aquarium & wildlife
  • Who’s who at the zoo – Wildlife sanctuaries have had to adapt to strange times (Australian)
  • Judge continues halt of California’s ban on gator products (Washington Post O/S)
  • Could this be a crucial breakthrough in the fight to save elephants from heart-breaking cruelty? (Mirror O/S)
  • Coronavirus could drive the last nail into the mink fur trade (CNN O/S)
  • Is an elephant a person? A New York court is set to decide (Guardian O/S)
Pets & companion animals
  • New poll shows most South Koreans reject eating dog meat (Mirage O/S)
  • Sandøe, P.; Hansen, H.O.; Rhode, H.L.H.; Houe, H.; Palmer, C.; Forkman, B.; Christensen, T. Benchmarking Farm Animal Welfare—A Novel Tool for Cross-Country Comparison Applied to Pig Production and Pork Consumption. Animals 2020, 10, 955. 
  • Buller, H.; Blokhuis, H.; Lokhorst, K.; Silberberg, M.; Veissier, I. Animal Welfare Management in a Digital World. Animals 2020, 10, 1779. 
  • Ede, T., von Keyserlink, M.A., Weary, D.M. Conditioned place aversion of caustic paste and hot-iron disbudding in dairy calves. Journal of Dairy Science.
  • Trial concludes reducing crude protein in broiler diets can improve bird welfare (The Poultry Site)
  • Webinar Report: Delivering the UK nations’ ambitions for animal health and welfare in a post-Brexit world hosted jointly by Food and Farming Futures and Edinburgh University (O/S)
  • NEW online course in Sustainable Global Food Systems. Univ Edinburgh (O/S)
  • What philosopher Peter Singer has learned in 45 years of advocating for animals (Vox O/S)
  • A new animal welfare Act for Victoria. The Victorian Government is seeking feedback on proposals for a new animal welfare Act. You can provide feedback here.
  • New law proposed to help protect pets from domestic violence perpetrators (Nat Tribune)
  • UK Government backs Animal Welfare (Sentencing) Bill as it takes crucial step forward (UK Govt PR O/S)

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