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News 13-26 November 2020

  • Transparency in the supply chain is not merely a box to tick (Int Leather Maker O/S)
  • World-first investigation raises ethical and policy challenges in using robots in agriculture (Beef Central)
  • ‘The Christian Ethics of Farmed Animal Welfare report’ (University of Chester O/S)
  • Ireland’s first, dedicated Animal Welfare Strategy (gov.ie O/S)
  • The moral conflict between environmentalism and animal welfare (New Statesman (O/S)
  • Animal welfare report: The COVID curveball (Meat+Poultry O/S)
  • Bridging the gap between producers and consumers (Farmonline)
  • New methods and technologies hope to make mulesing, docking, castration painless for livestock (ABC)
Cattle in beef & dairy production
  • Starter guide to pairing dairy calves (Wisconsin Agriculturist O/S)
  • Dairy Herd Health Revolution: The need for animal welfare and sustainability (Open Access Government O/S)
  • Regulators need to hear from those on-the-ground in cattle: Hancock station bosses (QLD Country Life)
  • Former live export chief says beef industry is at risk of losing its social licence, producers must be proactive (ABC)
  • The Demise Of Milk? How Technology Shows Its Decline Has Been Exaggerated (Forbes O/S)
Pigs in pork production
  • UK pig industry continues to reduce antibiotic use (The Pig Site O/S)
  • ‘Suffocating closeness’: US judge condemns ‘appalling conditions’ on industrial farms (Guardian O/S)
  • Retailer pig welfare policies ‘do not go far enough’, report says (The Grocer O/S)
  • New Zealand: Farrowing crates for pigs are unlawful (Pig Progress O/S)
  • Promising News For Europe’s Pigs (CIWF O/S)
  • Agriculture minister introduced ‘unlawful and invalid’ pig welfare standards, judge rules (StuffNZ O/S)
Poultry in meat & egg production
  • Biosecurity and preventing welfare impacts in poultry and captive birds (DEFR O/S)
  • Welfare concerns raised over chlorinated chicken (The Roslin Institute O/S)
  • ‘Listening’ to chicks could improve poultry welfare (The Poultry Site O/S)
  • Czech Senate Approves Bans on Cages for Hens as of 2027 (Prague Morning O/S)
  • New report alleges that the USDA is turning a blind eye to animal abuse at large poultry plants (The Poultry Site O/S)
  • Better bird care – Tyson (Meat+Poultry O/S)
  • Poultry farms are havens for wildlife (Poultry World O/S)
  • Is everything really going smoothly with cage-free production? (WattPoultry O/S)
  • UK hailed for progress in transition away from cage-free eggs (FarmingUK O/S)
  • Shopping for a Thanksgiving Turkey? Beware of These Downright Deceptive Labels (Animal Welfare Institute O/S)
Sheep in meat & wool production
  • Animal Welfare Clock Ticking On Shearer Border Decision (Scoop NZ O/S)
  • Shearer shortage extends season, causes farm stress and sheep welfare concerns (ABC)
Animals in transit & at slaughter
  • The $400 margin that helps drive the dairy cow live export market (Stuff NZ O/S)
  • Poland scraps bill barring ritual slaughter, vows to introduce new one (Times of Israel O/S)
Animals in aquaculture
  • Why fish slaughtering methods must be improved in Brazil (The Fish Site O/S)
Animals in research & teaching


Animals in racing & sport
  • SPCA joins calls for greyhound racing to be banned after five deaths in five weeks (Stuff NZ O/S)
  • The greyhound industry is inherently cruel – so why should the taxpayer fund it? (The Journal.ie O/S)
  • New Zealand rodeo: Animals ‘throttled, given electric shocks, punched and slammed to ground in violent scenes’ (Independent O/S)
  • Horses and humans feel the same pain when whipped, study finds (Guardian)
Animals in zoos, aquaria & the wild
  • Feds to begin surgical sterilizations on wild horses, starting with a Utah herd (Salt Lake Tribune O/S)
  • New guide on using drones for conservation (ScienceDaily O/S)
  • World Animal Protection Billboard Removed From Melbourne’s Lonsdale Street (Aust Leisure Management)
  • The National Code of Practice for the Humane Shooting of Kangaroos and Wallabies for Commercial Purposes 18/11/20 (AgriFutures)
  • World Animal Protection Unveils New Campaign Calling For End To Captive Dolphin Breeding At Gold Coast’s Sea World (Ausleisure)
  • New study shows that big mammals suffer brain damage in captivity (Down to Earth O/S)
  • Zoo crisis deepens amidst second national lockdown and ‘restrictive‘ bailout conditions (Nat Geographic O/S)
  • Australian farm to hold 50,000 crocodiles for luxury Hermès goods questioned by animal welfare groups (Guardian)
Pets & companion animals
  • Could measuring the brain waves of horses have a place in welfare assessments? (Horse Talk NZ O/S)
  • The “good death” revolution—Companion animal euthanasia in the modern age (Vet Practice News O/S)
  • Sir James Dunn Animal Welfare Center Newsletter (UPEI O/S)
  • Joy over first White House shelter dog reflects growing embrace of rescue pets (Nat Geographic O/S)

AWSC November Newsletter (AWSC)

Podcasts & presentations
  • Overview of Pig Welfare. Jeremy Marchant-Forde. (NAWRDES News)
  • ABC Landline looks at social licence in agriculture and how it affects farmers and consumers (ABC)
  • RSPCA Victoria welcomes increased budget funding for animal welfare (Mirage)
  • Trade advisor Tony Abbott says animal welfare standards shouldn’t be in Brexit deal (Mirror (O/S)
  • The National Code of Practice for the Humane Shooting of Kangaroos and Wallabies for Commercial Purposes 18/11/20 (AgriFutures)
  • NSW set to unleash toughest penalties for animal cruelty in Australia (DPI NSW)
  • Ontario Establishes Advisory Table to Improve Animal Welfare (Ontario News O/S)
  • It’s not just chlorinated chickens: there’s still nothing appetising about a UK-US trade deal (Guardian O/S)

Conferences, Seminars & Events

  • 10th NAWRDES Forum – Pain – elimination, mitigation and inter-disciplinary learnings. 2 December (NAWRDES)
  • Nat Livestock Wellbeing Seminar Series. Tuesday 8 December 2020 – Microbiome Story (Nutritional & Gut/Brain) (Univ Adel)
  • 3/11/20  ISAE Benelux online meeting was held under the topic “Elevating Animal Lives” Proceedings / Recorded event
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