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News 28 July - 10 August 2022

  • Marketing and animal welfare: key to success in South Africa (Farmer’s Weekly O/S)
Cattle in beef & dairy production
  • Welfare group urges farmers to limit transport during extreme heat (The Cattle Site O/S)
  • Animal welfare measures affect the profitability of Swedish milk, beef production (The Cattle Site O/S)
  • Gene-edited cattle can provide future answers to today’s challenges (Farm Progress O/S)
  • Siestas for cows: UK farmers seek new ways for cattle to beat the heat (The Guardian O/S
Pigs in pork production
  • Good feeding: A principle to assess on-farm swine welfare (Pig Progress O/S)
Poultry in meat & egg production
  • USDA wants to reinstate organic welfare standards; could benefit food safety (Food Safety News O/S)
  • Pressure on retailers to sign up to Better Chicken Commitment (Poultry World O/S)
  • Free range chickens die faster than caged (The OZ)
  • What you know about “free range” egs is wrong (The OZ)
  • Broiler welfare compared under different production systems (Watt Poultry O/S)
  • Updated layer welfare training video series now offered (Watt Poultry O/S)
  • Improving bird welfare during transit (Poultry World O/S)
  • The Egg-Tech Prize seeks to revolutionize global egg production by offering up to $6 million in prizes to develop a technology that determines an egg’s sex before it hatches (FFAR O/S)
  • Moves to enhance laying hen breeding wins philanthropic financial backing (Poultry World O/S)
Sheep in meat & wool production
  • SAFE for Animals hits out at NZ Ministry for Primary Industries for 'inadequate' investigation into eight dead rotting sheep (NewsHub O/S)
Animals in transit & at slaughter
  • Non-EU live exports to have vet on board ships (Independent.ie O/S)
  • Dr. Temple Grandin uses Seaboard Triumph Foods for animal handling training. (SwineWeb O/S)
Animals in aquaculture and wild caught
  • Startup has high hopes for massive, mobile fish farm (The Fish Site O/S)
Animals in research & teaching
  • Händel Animal Welfare Prize 2022 for the use of alternatives to animal experiments in research on tumors and barrier organs (Eureka Alert O/S)
  • How Sound Induces Pain Relief in Mice (Geneng News O/S)
  • ANZCCART Survey on Community Attitudes (ANZCCART)
  • Opinion: Hold Animal Use Committees Accountable for Their Failures (The Scientist O/S)
  • Animal rights groups condemn crude oil experiments on sparrows (The Ferret O/S)
Animals in racing, sports & work
  • This surgical procedure to impregnate greyhounds in Australia is a major animal welfare issue (The Conversation)
  • StrideSAFE trial hailed a success (Racing.com)
  • NZ High Court Sends The Question Of Rodeo Back To The National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (Scoop O/S)
  • 'Free The Hounds': Animal activists calling for a total ban on greyhound racing amid concerns over animal welfare (SBS)
  • Rodeo proponents say the animals are well-cared-for athletes. Opponents disagree (Monterey County Weekly O/S)
Animals in zoos, aquaria & the wild
  • London Zoo's bizarre handbag enclosure highlights 'unforgivable' cruelty (Yahoo News O/S)
  • Wild Horse Populations Exploding, No One-Size-Fits-All Remedy Available (Paulick Report O/S)
  • Faroe Islanders Slaughter an Estimated 100 Bottlenose Dolphins (AWI O/S)
  • House Introduces Legislation to Phase Out Public Display of Captive Whales (AWI O/S)
  • Big Cat Public Safety Act passes the U.S. House of Representatives on International Tiger Day (HSUS O/S)
  • Hardware giant Bunnings urged to strip popular product from shelves (Perth Now)
  • CSIRO recommends double-strength mouse baits after report finds dose used to protect crops ineffective (The Guardian)
  • Elephants on the move: 263 elephants translocated in Malawi (IFAW O/S)
  • Animal lovers protest against zoo amid clash of narratives over animal welfare (Times of Israel O/S)
  • California banned the sale of kangaroo leather years ago. Lawsuits contest its continued presence (LA Times O/S)
Pets & companion animals
  • Animal rescue group finds 45 cats in Townsville house after owner hospitalised (ABC)
  • New figures reveal increase in dog cruelty since start of the pandemic (RSPCA UK O/S)
  • Mars Petcare Researchers Develop New Quality of Life Assessment to Evaluate the Wellbeing of Dogs (Cision O/S)
  • Animal shelters overwhelmed as more and more people surrender their pets (CNN O/S)
  • The Netherlands introduces new Positive List for mammals (EuroGroup for Animals O/S)
  • Being attuned to horse behavior the key to better welfare, scientist says (HorseTalk O/S)
Podcasts & presentations
  • Podcast: Precision livestock farming (Pig Progress O/S)
  • How can we make animals smile? Researchers from UQ are finding out (ABC)
  • Spain beefs up animal welfare laws (The Olive Press O/S)
  • Animal welfare faces ‘clear and present danger’ from post-Brexit trade deals, study warns (The Independent O/S)
  • Swiss factory farming ban to be decided at the ballot box (Swissinfo O/S)
  • Animal Welfare in New Zealand (AHDB O/S)
  • Bumblebees CAN feel pain: Study shows insects can suppress their withdrawal reflexes in exchange for a sweet treat - suggesting they experience discomfort and 'should be included in animal welfare laws' (Daily Mail O/S)
  • Can artificial intelligence really help us talk to the animals? (The Guardian O/S)
  • “Forget They Are an Animal” (Current Affairs O/S)
  • Pig to human heart transplants are the future. Are we ready for it? (The Guardian O/S)
  • Why did Animal Rebellion pour out milk at Harrods? (Surge O/S)
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Conferences, Seminars & Events

  • European Conference on Precision Livestock Farming & International Conference on Precision Dairy Farming, 29 Aug-2 Sept University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna (Vetmeduni)
  • The 55th Congress of the International Society of Applied Ethology, 4 – 8 Sept 2022. N Macedonia. (ISAE)
  • One Health Downunder Symposium 2022, 12th – 13th September 2022 (Univ Qld)
  • Growing Beef from Dairy Conference. 15th September 2022. Attwood, Victoria. (MLA)
  • US Poultry Live production, welfare and biosecurity seminar. 21st – 22nd September, Nashville TN USA (US Poultry)
  • 2022 Animal Welfare Symposium & Workshop hosted by University of Otago 21st October (ANZLAA)
  • 77th WAZA Annual Conference, 23 – 27 October, Tenerife. (Details)
  • International Animal Behaviour Twitter Conference 2023 18 -19th January 2023. https://www.animbehav2023.com/?s=09
  • evokeAG. 21st – 22nd February, Adelaide. (evokeAG)
  • RSPCA Animal Welfare Seminar 2023. Quit horsing around: Advancing horse welfare in Australia. Wednesday 22 and Thursday 23 February 2023. Online. (RSPCA)
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