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A selection of animal welfare news from around the world

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News 29 April – 12 May 2021


  • AVA Animal Welfare Trust Research Grant, applications due 30 June (AVA)
  • Wageningen University to create global animal production database (The Cattle Site O/S)
  • Welfare and clean air on the bill for Pig and Poultry Forum (Pig World O/S)
  • Could the UK knock Germany off the top spot for animal welfare? (Euractiv O/S)
  • Responsible Sourcing (RSPCA Australia)
  • When meat-eaters feel guilty, they choose healthier meat dishes—not veggies (Univ Buffalo O/S)
  • RSPCA Assured UK announces return to 100% in-person assessments (PigWorld O/S)

Cattle in beef & dairy production

Pigs in pork production

  • Using AI to gauge the emotional state of cows and pigs (Phys.org O/S)
  • Euthanasia perspectives of Spanish-speaking caretakers (National Hog Farmer O/S)

Poultry in meat & egg production

Sheep in meat & wool production

  • RSPCA releases tips on responsible sheep meat and wool sourcing (Sheep Central)

Animals in transit & at slaughter

  • Tailored transport rules in times of extreme heat (Pig Progress O/S)
  • Live exports: what countries do Irish cattle go to? Spain has become the number one destination for Irish cattle exports to date this year. (Irish Farmers Journal O/S)

Animals in aquaculture

  • “There is ample evidence that fish feel pain”. Letter in response to previous correspondence in The Guardian. Relevant links are in letter. (The Guardian O/S)

Animals in research & teaching

  • USDA now only partially inspects some lab animal facilities, internal documents reveal (Science O/S)
  • Creation of First Human-Monkey Embryos Sparks Concern (Wall Street Journal O/S)

Animals in racing & sports

  • Physiologist Believes Sensors Could Protect Race Horses (Blood Horse O/S)

Animals in zoos, aquaria & the wild

  • South Africa to end captive lion breeding, bone trade (ABC News O/S)
  • Animal welfare improves at Swiss zoos (Swissinfo.ch O/S)
  • UK Zoos Expert Committee, Terms of reference, priorities and membership. (Gov.UK O/S)

Pets & companion animals

  • New Temple Grandin Equine Center at Colorado State University offering new programs in equine world (AgJournal and Colorado State Univ O/S)
  • Dogs ‘on death row’ after baits used to control Australian mouse plague poison pets (The Guardian  O/S)

Podcasts & presentations

  • The Seaspiracy controversy: should we stop eating fish? The Netflix documentary on the impact of commercial fishing has received celebrity endorsements and a huge audience around the world, but it has also attracted criticism from experts who accuse it of making misleading claims. (The Guardian O/S)


  • UK Laws Protecting Animals To Receive Spotlight In Upcoming Queen’s Speech (Plant Based News O/S)
  • ‘We love foie gras’: French outrage at UK plan to ban imports of ‘cruel’ delicacy (The Guardian O/S)
  • Five-year sentences for animal cruelty offences ‘long overdue’ (Vet Times UK O/S)


Conferences, Seminars & Events

  • DIARY HOLD – Animal Welfare Horizons 2021, Brisbane, December 1st (TAWC)
  • DIARY HOLD – The National Primary Industries Animal Welfare Strategy 11th Annual Forum, Brisbane. December 2nd – Further details to be announced. Express interest on NAWRDES Webpage
  • National Livestock Wellbeing Seminars.  Genetics of pain and wellbeing. 11 May 1.00pm. AEST details – (Univ Adelaide)
  • University of Guelph – Campbell Center Virtual Research Symposium. 12 May 11.30pm AET. No registration required, just join at https://t.co/wIrGQI7Ndm?amp=1
  • Pig & Poultry Fair Forums 12 May 5.50pm – 13 May 2.30am AEST. (Pig and Poultry UK)
  • South Australian Health & Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI), ANZLAA and Tecniplast Australia 2021 Animal Welfare Symposium. 13 May.  Adelaide and ZOOM (Techniplast)
  • UC Davis Annual Welfare Lecture – Prof. Don Broom “How does One Biology alter human interactions with other species?”. 19 May 05.00am AEST. Register HERE
  • Center for Animal Welfare Science’s virtual symposium to discuss lessons learned from COVID-19. 19-20 May. Registrations at Purdue University, US.
  • 88th OIE General Session live Central European Summer Time: Tuesday 25 May from 12:00 pm to 4:30 pm, Wednesday 26 May from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm, Thursday 27 May from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm, Friday 28 May from 2:15 pm to 4:00 pm. Register for free at: https://oiegeneralsession88.com/en/sessions?searchtext=&page=1
  • Universities Federation for Animal Welfare. Recent advances in animal welfare science VIII. 29-30 June. (UFAW)
  • Canine Science Forum 2021. Virtual meeting 6-9 July. Details HERE
  • ANZCCART Conference 2021 – “Openness in Animal Research”. 25-27 July, Queenstown, NZ. (ANZCCART)
  • Graham Centre Livestock Forum. 30 July. (Graham Centre for Ag Innovation)
  • 54th Congress of the International Society for Applied Ethology (on-line). 2 – 6 August. (ISAE 2021)
  • 8th International Conference on The Assessment of Animal Welfare at Farm and Group Level. 16-19 August – Virtual Conference. (WAFL)
  • 11th World Virtual Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences 22-27 August. (WC11)
  • 2021 Animal Welfare Foundation Discussion Forum (Virtual). 15 September. (AWF)
  • One Welfare World Conference – Virtual. 15-16 Sept 2021. (OneWelfareWorld)
  • LIVEXchange, Nov 10 – 11. Darwin. (LIVEXchange)
  • Australasian Pig Science Association Conference. 15 – 18 November. (APSA)

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