We are The Animal Welfare Collaborative, a non-partisan ‘knowledge broker’ for animal welfare powered by the top experts at universities across Australia. Our vision is to make Australia a global leader in animal welfare. 

We all care about animals and want the best lives possible for them.

Yet not everyone agrees about what ‘the best’ means or how we should get there. The Animal Welfare Collaborative can make the journey easier by providing scientific evidence and acting as an independent facilitator among the various policymakers, industry bodies, businesses, researchers, animal welfare organisations and community groups who care about animals.

The Animal Welfare Collaborative helps Australia to establish the future of animal welfare by

Encouraging all of society to contribute their ideas on how to improve animal welfare
Facilitating an inclusive, constructive, evidence-based discussion about animal welfare
Promoting best practices in animal welfare
Translating a science-based approach to animal welfare into an accessible format

The Animal Welfare Collaborative is funded by The University of Queensland and is powered by the enthusiasm and tireless efforts of researchers across Australian universities. We are committed to working closely with all industry, academic, animal welfare and community groups, as well as all Federal, State and Territory Governments.

Evidence for Decisions that Matter

We harness the most rigorous animal welfare science into easy-to-use briefs and tools that can inform best practice decisions in animal management and proactive policy decisions.

Knowledge Broker

We want everyone in Australia to have access to accurate and comprehensive information about animal welfare. We provide the Australian community with balanced scientific information in accessible and engaging formats.

Society Driven

We actively listen to community, industry and government concerns about animal welfare and facilitate productive, evidence-based dialogue among all parties.

Sustainable Solutions

We work across sectors to facilitate the adoption of short- and long-term strategies to improve animal welfare and ensure sustainability over the years to come.

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