We are The Animal Welfare Collaborative, an independent advisory organisation for animal welfare powered by the top experts across Australia. Our vision is to make Australia a global leader in animal welfare. 

We all care about animals and want the best lives possible for them.

Yet not everyone agrees about what ‘the best’ means or how we should get there. The Animal Welfare Collaborative can make the journey smoother by acting as an independent, apolitical and neutral facilitator among the various groups who care about animals and providing thought leadership on major issues affecting animal welfare.

The Animal Welfare Collaborative helps Australia to establish the future of animal welfare by

Engaging the brightest minds to build the best scientific and policy tools that will inform real-world management decisions and on-farm practices
Helping industries create long-term strategies for improving animal welfare outcomes while strengthening their businesses
Identifying best animal welfare practices and championing them across industries and across the value chain
Influencing societal views and policies with independent ideas delivered in an accessible format.

The Animal Welfare Collaborative was founded in 2017 with generous support from The University of Queensland. Our work towards improving animal welfare continues to be powered by the enthusiastic commitment of partners from across the entire value chain.

Evidence for Decisions that Matter

We harness the most rigorous science to develop ways of assessing animal welfare that can inform better animal management decisions. In addition, we use decision science, economics and policy science to create proactive policy solutions.

Balanced Information and Advice

We want everyone in Australia to have access to accurate and comprehensive information about animal welfare. We are not restricted by vested interests or political persuasion, so we can provide balanced information and advice on how to improve animal welfare through the adoption of both short- and long-term solutions.

Productive Engagement

We actively listen to community and industry concerns over animal welfare and act as an independent ‘knowledge broker’ among stakeholders to facilitate productive, evidence-based dialogue.

Sustainable Solutions

We work across sectors to develop short- and long-term strategies to improve animal welfare and ensure sustainability over the years to come.

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