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 The Animal Welfare Collaborative

is an impact network
for animal welfare.

We all care about animals and want the best lives possible for them.

We believe that by working together, we can improve the welfare of animals more effectively than by working alone.

We bring people together to improve the welfare of animals.


Here’s how:
Information Exchange

We believe that everyone in Australia should have access to current and comprehensive information on animal welfare across the country. We provide a swift vehicle for different sectors and individuals to exchange critical information on animal welfare.

Effective Engagement

We believe that incorporating multiple views on how animals should be treated is critical for building robust, sustainable approaches to animal welfare. We provide a safe forum for diverse groups to engage constructively around ways to improve animal welfare.

Sustainable Solutions

We believe that anyone who wants to improve the welfare of the animals under their care should be supported in doing so. We provide a clear process for individuals, organisations, and companies to collaborate on improving specific practices in animal welfare.

The Animal Welfare Collaborative is an impact initiative of The University of Queensland. The network is administered by active researchers across Australian universities, who serve as facilitators for the network.


The societal impact of the network is a product of the passion and tireless efforts of our collaborators across the animal industries, animal welfare organisations, community groups, research organisations, Federal, State and Territory Governments, and the public.
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